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Eleven year old girl “alive” after 2500 years

The young woman's name was Myrtis and she was buried in a mass grave of 150 people who died during one of the fiercest and longest wars of the ancient time.

She was 11 years old when she died during the Peloponnesian war, around 430 BC. Little did she know that 2500 years later her face would be immortalized by international artists. Her face has been recreated by 3D technology, based on her bone structure.

Now that ancient face will be reconstructed, or rather, reinterpreted, by 40 artists from Greece and around the world for a conjectural show to be hosted in Karditsa Public Library. The show will be complementary of an exhibition hosted in the Karditsa Archeological Museum, under the title “Myrtis: Face to face with the past”.

The artists responded to a call by Athens University Professor Manolis Papagrigorakis, whose research team was responsible for the facial reconstruction. The artists have offered their creations to be auctioned in the future, with proceeds to fund both said research and the facial recreation of two more ancient individuals found in different graves.

The first one is called Avgi and her remains were found in a cave in Theopetra and date to 7000 BC and the second is Hidylis and she was found buried in Ferres in the 5th century BC.