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Modern elevator on the Acropolis allows access for the disabled

Featured Modern elevator on the Acropolis allows access for the disabled

The construction and the first phase of the installation of the slope elevator, which will offer safe access for mobility impaired visitors to the monuments of the Acropolis, have been completed.

On Wednesday afternoon, the crane that placed the elevator car on the call rails was removed, and will be followed by the installation of a giant crane, 52m high, which will install the platform, where the cabin will land on, on top of the Sacred Rock, but without contact with the wall.

New elevator on the Acropolis

While the elevator will be fully operational, the precision tests will be carried out, which are necessary in order for the project to be certified by the German TUV, in order for the public to start using it. The certification that the entire construction project meets specific and approved specifications was deemed absolutely mandatory by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and by the sponsor, the Onassis Public Benefit Foundation.

The landscaping works of the surrounding area of ​​the elevator in the northern slope are in progress, while next week the paving of the routes begins, which completes the work of upgrading the accessibility services of the Acropolis for people with mobility difficulties. According to the study approved by the KAS, new routes are created, which are coated with a special mortar, while plateaus are created for the best view of the monuments. At the same time, the Directorate of Studies and Execution of Projects of Museums and Cultural Buildings of the Ministry of Culture and Sports is performing the necessary works for the lightning protection of the elevator.

The extremely complex project in technical, construction and technological level is to be presented in a scientific conference, in which all the phases of construction and the interdisciplinary needs of this pioneering project will be highlighted. It is noted that a similar construction has never been implemented in Greece.