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Severe weather front hits Greece

Featured Severe weather front hits Greece

Severe weather front Leandros is sweeping a large part of the country by night with heavy snowfall. From early yesterday, several areas were dressed in white, while during the night the effects reached the central parts of the country, as it snowed in the mountains of Evia, but also in Parnitha.

Where has the bad weather hit Leandros so far?

As of yesterday, the intense phenomena started in the north as many in areas of Macedonia the snowfall was intense. It has been snowing in Thessaloniki since Thursday night, with the phenomena being observed in Oreokastro, Socho, Pefkochori, Lahanas, Chortiati, Xylopoli, Ossa, and Asvestochori.

It also snowed in Kilkis and the mountains of Pella, while light snowfall occurred in the prefecture of Serres, on the Egnatia Odos, after the tolls. In Nevrokopi of Drama, the thermometer dropped below zero at night, while snow fell in the city of Florina.

In Seli, Imathia, the snowfall was heavy, as in Polygyros, Halkidiki. A snowstorm broke out at night in Florina, while it also snowed in Alexandria, Imathia, Kastoria, but also in the city of Naoussa.

Heavy snowfall in Parnitha

However, snow fell during the night in Attica and specifically in Parnitha, where the temperature dropped to -4 degrees Celsius. Snow falls during the night in the mountains of Evia

Where will the snowstorm hit today?

The first wave of polar cold continues today, as it will worsen further with heavy snowfall, but also heavy rains and thunderstorms in places. Analytically:

1. Snowfall From the evening hours of Thursday until the morning hours of Friday, in Macedonia and Thrace (mountainous and temporarily in lowland areas), in Thessaly (400 meters) and in the mountainous - semi-mountainous areas of Epirus and the rest of the central country. From the night hours of Thursday until the pre-noon hours of Friday, in Eastern Sterea - Evia (600 meters) and the Northeastern Peloponnese (800 meters).

2. Rains and storms In the islands of the North and East Aegean From the morning until the afternoon hours of Friday in the Cyclades and Friday afternoon in the Dodecanese. It should be noted that the second wave of bad weather is expected to hit the country during the weekend and will even affect Attica with snowfall even at low altitudes. According to meteo.gr, very low temperatures are expected for today, which will reach -6 in the northern continents.

The detailed weather forecast

MACEDONIA, THRACE Weather: Cloudy with temporary snowfall in the early morning hours and rapid improvement. In the afternoon, clouds will develop which will gradually thicken from the west. At night there will be snowfall in the mountainous - semi-mountainous and gradually and in the lowland areas of western and central Macedonia. Winds: From north 4 to 6 Beaufort with gradual weakening. At night in the east they will turn to east directions 3 to 5 Beaufort. Temperature: From 00 (zero) to 07 degrees Celsius. In western Macedonia 5 to 6 points lower.

IONIAN ISLANDS, EPIRUS, WESTERN STEREA, WESTERN PELOPONNESE Weather: Cloudy with local rains and sporadic thunderstorms in the early morning hours and rapid improvement. Snow will fall in the mountainous - semi-mountainous areas mainly of Epirus and western Sterea in the morning. From late at night, worsening is forecast again with snowfall in the mountains - semi-mountainous areas, rains in the lowlands, and locally strong storms in the Ionian islands and the coastal areas. Winds: North northwest 5 to 6 Beaufort, turning from noon to east directions 4 to 5, in the southern Ionian locally 6 Beaufort. Temperature: From 08 to 11 and in the south up to 15 degrees Celsius. Inside Epirus from -01 (minus 1) to 05 degrees Celsius.

THESSALY, EASTERN STEREA, EVIA, EASTERN PELOPONNESE Weather: Cloudy skies temporarily increased with local rains in the north and fast in the rest. Snowfalls will occur in the morning in Thessaly (400 meters) and until the pre-noon hours in eastern Sterea and Evia (600 meters) and northeastern Peloponnese (800 meters). Temporary improvement at noon from the north. Winds: In the north-northwest 6 to 7 with gradual weakening. In the southwest 6 to 7 turning quickly to north 5 to 7 Beaufort which will weaken by the afternoon. Temperature: From 04 to 12 degrees Celsius. In the north 4 to 5 degrees lower.

CYCLADES, CRETE Weather: Cloudy skies temporarily increased with local rains and sporadic thunderstorms, mainly in the Cyclades, where it will be strong in places until the afternoon. Winds: West southwest 6 to 7 turning fast and from north to north 6 to 7 with gradual weakening. Temperature: From 10 to 15 degrees Celsius.