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'1821, Before and After': An exhibition on the birth of modern Greece

Featured '1821, Before and After': An exhibition on the birth of modern Greece

An exhibit focusing on the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution for Independence in 1821 will be inaugurated after the restriction measures for coronavirus are lifted, organizers said, but a 20-minute presentation of it will take place at 19:00 on March 3.

"1821, Before and After" was scheduled to open at the Benaki Museum in March. It is a collaborative effort with the Bank of Greece, the National Bank and Alpha Bank. It is part of events organized by the committee "Greece 2021", and dedicated to the memory of two people who spent their lives devoted to the museum's well being, Angelos Delivorrias, legendary director of the museum for over 40 years, and Marinos Geroulanos, member of the board.

The introductory video of the exhibit, the Benaki Museum's most significant and the largest such show on modern Greek history, will be available through the museum (benaki.org) and its social media pages (facebook.com/TheBenakiMuseum/liveyoutube.com/user/BenakiMuseum).

Covered in the exhibit are the years 1770 to 1870, as illustrated also through 1,200 objects on show and a 1,218-page catalog, which is available on order through the museum. The focus of the exhibition is both the history and the traits that have helped modern Greece survive and thrive.

The exhibit will be accompanied by children's digital educational programs, and historical objects recreated by highly skilled modern craftspeople in paper, metal, wood, fabric and terracota. Copies of several of the objects will also be available for sale through the museum, which is private.

(Photo is of Kostis Desyllas' "Athanasios Diakos", one of the famous Greek fighters, ca. 1870, 154 x 117 cm, Benaki Museum # 32926, bought for the museum with the help of the Ioannis F. Kostopoulos Foundation.)