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Greek real estate prices take off despite pandemic

Featured Greek real estate prices take off despite pandemic

Prices on the real estate market, Glyfada, Voula, Elliniko, N. Psychiko but also Gazi and Pagrati are htting a "limit up"t. Against the pandemic that continues to show its teeth, the selling prices of newly built houses in these areas are on the rise.

The hot areas of Attica, Thessaloniki and the big cities attract the interest of Greeks and foreigners who want to invest in real estate, seeing that they offer added value and returns. In Glyfada the sale prices of a newly built apartment of 70-110 sq.m. reach up to 8,000 euros per square meter. We find the same price in the center of Voula, while in Elliniko the sale price of a newly built apartment reaches 6,000 euros per square meter. In the northern neighborhoods of the Basin, the apartments are sold for up to 4,400 euros per square meter in Neo Psychiko, 3,800 euros in Papagou and 3,700 euros in Vrilissia.

The center maintains its glamor and the interest of potential property buyers. The most popular areas are Gazi, with the sale prices of the newly built ones reaching 3,600 euros per square meter, and Pagrati with 3,500 euros per sq.m.

Prices have also risen in the western suburbs, where the race is led by Egaleo, with the newly built apartments selling for up to 2,800 euros per square meter, and immediately after we find Petroupolis with 2,700 euros per sq.m.

In the map of newly built properties in Thessaloniki, Kalamaria stands out with 2,800 euros per sq.m. and Thermi with 2,300 euros per sq.m. In Patras the sale prices of newly built apartments reach up to 2,300 euros per square meter, in Ioannina 2,600 euros, in Heraklion 2,800 euros and in Chania more than 2,700 euros per square meter.