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Alkis' murder - Nine arrested to face prosecutor

Featured Alkis' murder - Nine arrested to face prosecutor

The developments in the case of the murder of Alkis are cataclysmic, as yesterday, it became known that in addition to the 23-year-old, eight other people were arrested while two more are wanted.

So far, eleven people are included in the case for the murderous attack in the area of ​​Charilaou, Thessaloniki, during which 19-year-old Alkis lost his life and two of his friends, 19 and 20 years old, were injured.

Apart from the 23-year-old who was arrested last Wednesday, 24 hours after the murder, and is expected to talk to the prosecutor today, Monday, police in Thessaloniki, utilizing the pre-investigation material and various other findings, proceeded in the last hours to identify ten other persons connected to the case.

The eight have already been arrested in execution of relevant warrants issued by the investigator, while warrants have been issued against the other two identified persons and searches are being carried out for their arrest.

In fact, one of the two, a 20-year-old, is said to be the one who escaped to Albania.

Former PAOK football player among those arrested

The revelation that one of the 8 arrested is a former PAOK football player raised eyebrows.

According to the local website thesstoday.gr, among those arrested is the driver, G.K. of the second car, which took part in the murderous attack.

In fact, the same information wants G.K. to be a former football player in the junior team of PAOK, an employee in a branch of a well-known shoe chain and organized in fan club GATE 4.

In fact, GK is a friend on Facebook with the 20-year-old Albanian who has fled to his country and is wanted.

The arrested are taken to the investigator

Meanwhile, the nine arrested for the murder of 19-year-old Alkis and the wounding of his two friends in a death ambush in the early hours of February 1 in the area of ​​Charilaou are being taken to the Thessaloniki investigator today.

Among those who will pass the interrogator's door and are expected to be given a deadline to apologize in the coming days are the eight who were arrested on Sunday, in execution of relevant warrants.

The ninth defendant to appear before the investigator and be held accountable for the murderous attack is a 23-year-old man from Albania, who was arrested 24 hours after the bloody incident. He is being prosecuted, among other things, for the crime of planning and executing joint premeditated murder, and a series of attempts.

The profile of those being held

According to the information so far, the eight arrested are between 19 and 23 years old, while seven of them are Greeks and one is of Albanian origin. Most of them are members of PAOK fans' associations and in fact with a leading role in them.

According to the same information, three of those arrested are known to police, having been arrested again in the past for participating in incidents in stadiums and clashes with fans of other teams.

Investigations in Albania

At the same time, as mentioned above, one of the perpetrators may have fled to Albania. This is also the reason why research will be conducted in the neighboring country.

Indicative are the words of the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection, Lefteris Oikonomou, speaking to ERT, who stated that "if someone escaped, there are specific procedural procedures for initiating all those procedures so that each perpetrator is accountable to justice."

The crime weapon

Earlier yesterday, the photo of the scythe, which was confiscated by police a few meters from the scene of the attack, were published.

According to information from SKAI channel, genetic material of 19-year-old Alkis was found on the scythe, which is why it is believed that it is the weapon with which the fatal blows to his body occurred.

The second car was also located

At the same time, as MEGA channel reported, as part of the investigations, the second car, which was used by the perpetrators of the attack, was located in the early hours of Tuesday.

The vehicle, according to information, was parked in a garage.