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Another charred body was found on board Euroferry Olympia (video)

Featured Another charred body was found on board Euroferry Olympia (video)

Another body was found on Euroferry Olympia by rescuers, on the second deck of the ship, near the vehicle loading ramp. This is the third dead person to be found inside the ship.

The number of dead from the fire on the ship rose to 3, while the rescued to 281. At the moment 8 more people are missing.

The process of searches by EMAK rescue teams inside the ship continues, while the full extension of the ramp will take place when the the levels of carbon dioxide drop to bearable levels inside and there will be no risk of a new fire.

Another person was found dead yesterday. That body was found in the second garage of the ship in which the first charred body was found. The charred corpse was located by men from the 6th EMAK Patras and the 5th EMAK Ioannina who are investigating the ship.

It is recalled that on the ship "Euroferry Olympia," while it was in the sea area north of Corfua fire had broken out on the third deck in the early hours of Friday 18/02 in the sea area northeast of Ereikousa during the execution of its scheduled route from Igoumenitsa to Brindisi .