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Skyros: Top destination for the three days of Carnival

Featured Skyros: Top destination for the three days of Carnival

The pre-pandemic number of visitors is expected to reach the island of Skyros on the occasion of the three days of Carnival, according to the island, which speaks of the establishment of the island as one of the most popular destinations.

In fact, they bet on the fact that unlike other destinations, the traditional Skyrian Carnival does not include large, organized carnival events but individual cultural events which are based on the customs and traditions of the island and no crowding is observed.

"We are optimistic that, after last year's break due to travel restrictions, our island will again attract traditional and new visitors to experience the unique Skyrian Carnival. The reservations in the accommodation of our island are already very high and the municipality of Skyros, our professionals and all the residents are waiting to welcome and host our guests safely ", mayor of Skyros Nikos Mavrikos told state agency AMNA.

A key feature of the Skyrian Carnival is the custom of Geros and Korela, which has Dionysian origins and is associated with the ancient feasts of fertility and the reception of spring. Every year, the custom begins with the beginning of the Triodion The period prior to lent)  and is repeated every weekend, for about a month, culminating in the last three days of Carnival, when the alleys of the city of Skyros resound with the sounds of bells, while in the Castle of the island famous "Dance of the Elders". On Shrove Monday, the custom of "Trata" takes place, which refers directly to an aristocratic custom of maritime life with a measured recitation of satirical verses for the day and culminates with the mystical dance of all the inhabitants of the island, in traditional local costumes in the central square.

skros geros

Young boy dressed as "geros" on Skyros

It is emphasized that the access to Skyros is realized either by air or by ferry with continuous daily itineraries of the ship "Achilles" of the Skyrian Shipping Company from Kimi.