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PM Mitsotakis receives refugee student facing deportation

Featured PM Mitsotakis receives refugee student facing deportation

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis received refugee student Saidu Kamara at Maximos mansion on Tuesday.

Kamara, 17, came to Greece from Guinea in 2019 as an unaccompanied refugee minor. As the student with the highest marks, he carried the Greek flag at his school's student parade on Greek Independence Day (March 25) in the Athens suburb of Agios Dimitrios.   

But Kamara's asylum application was rejected in December 2021, and he will soon face deportation when he turns 18.

The premier expressed his personal interest in his case, and told Kamara about what is being done by the government and the education ministry to strengthen his asylum application dossier. This may include material on his participation and performance in school, based on recommendations of the department monitoring refugee education, in operation since July 2019.

Mitsotakis expressed his hope that the asylum service's decision will allow Kamara to make Greece his second home country.