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Turkish media and government run amuck about Mitsotakis' Aegean tour

Featured Turkish media and government run amuck about Mitsotakis' Aegean tour

Nervousness and spasmodic movements by the Turkish leadership, which - as the campaign for the internationalization of Turkish provocations by Athens continues - is seeing Greece's allies multiply and Turkey's isolation grow.

At the same time, there are strong reactions to Mitsotakis's visit yesterday to remote islands (Kos, Pserimos and Astypalea). A visit that sent strong symbolism and multiple messages to Turkey.

There is an uprising in the Turkish media, while the reactions are particularly intense for the post of the prime minister on Instagram from Pserimos.

The Prime Minister symbolically reminded of the property regime that governs the Aegean, accompanying a photo with the Greek flag drawn on a shore, with the comment: "Pserimos. "Where the blue of the Aegean meets the blue of the flag."

Turks run amuck
According to SKAI's correspondent in Istanbul, Mitsotaki's visit is a topic in the entire Turkish press, which accuses the Greek Prime Minister of staging "shows" after the encouragement he received from the Europeans.

Also, the Turkish press calls on Turkish citizens not to visit the Greek islands, using harsh expressions against Greece.

"The Europeans gave gas to Mitsotakis, who is staging a show," Hurriyet writes, adding that "as soon as he returned to his country, he visited the islands that were militarized against Turkey."

"Mitsotakis visited the islands that must be demilitarized," writes Aksam.

"Pserimos is an island of questionable sovereignty"
Reactions are also strong for the post of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, from Pserimos, accompanied by the Turkish allegations that "Pserimos is Turkish, like Imia".

"It is among the islands of disputed sovereignty," the Turkish press reports, referring to "Mitsotaki provocations."

In a comment, Haber Global presenter Senem Tolouai said about Mitsotakis' post: "This photo has just been published, as Mitsotakis's visit to Kos and Pserimos is in progress. Posted this photo a while ago. He wrote "where the blue of the sea meets the blue of the flag". It is his visit to the islands, at a distance of 8 miles from Bodrum. "Pserimos, like Imia according to the Treaty of Lausanne, is under Turkish rule, isn't it?"

And Yaici
Retired Turkish Admiral Cihat Yaici responds: "It is one of the 152 islands, as well as the islets and rocks that have not been transferred to Greece through the treaties", and then he continued: "This island is in the status of " Egeaydak" (islands of disputed Aegean sovereignty). There are 152 other such islands in this regime."