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Athens Taxis: New scorching fares

Featured Athens Taxis: New scorching fares

Explosive fuel prices are leading to increases in taxi fares since, as taxi drivers say, the sector is “suffocating”. The cabbies’ union after meetings with the leadership of the Ministry of Transport pointed out that the existing conditions (two years of under-operation due to covid, increase of fuel price, doubling of vehicle maintenance costs) the industry has been stripped bare.

Based on the fare adjustment, the initiation of fare (flag drop) goes to 1.80 from 1.19 euros, the minimum compensation is set at 4 euros, while the route to and from the airport "El. Venizelos ” is now pegged at 40 euros.

The new price list

The new price list announced on social media by SATA is as follows:

Flag drop: 1.80 euros from 1.19

Minimum compensation: 4 euros from 3.16

Single tariff: 0.90 per kilometer, up from 0.68

Double tariff- After Midnight: 1.25 per kilometer from 1.19

Time charge per hour-Maximum waiting time 20 minutes: 15 euros from 10.85

Athens Airport-Center and vice versa: 40 euros from 35 euros

Airport-Athens Center and vice versa-Night (00.00-05.00 am): 55 euros from 48 euros