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Excellent year for Samos Muscat

Featured Excellent year for Samos Muscat

The favorable climatic conditions contributed to an excellent year for vines on Samos, with Muscat taking center stage for its rich aroma.

In particular, the weather conditions that prevailed during the current wine-growing season in Samos were favorable, there were no problems from diseases and the production, both quantitatively and qualitatively, was at very good levels. The prolonged drought (the last significant rainfall in Samos occurred on March 5) hastened the ripening of the grapes without creating problems in production.

The harvest started at the beginning of August and ended on September 29. During this time temperature and atmospheric humidity conditions were ideal and contributed to the gradual ripening of the grapes. There were no high temperatures, resulting in no heat damage and the grapes obtaining the desired sugar content while maintaining a high aromatic character.

The vineyards in Samos are xeric and have developed a deep root system as a result of which they have a high resistance to drought. Cultivation is done on terraces that retain rainwater and enrich the underground water table.

Production volume is expected to reach 38600 HL and will be marginally down from 2021 production.

The sugar content is higher than last year, due to the lack of moisture, as are the acidity, due to the large change in temperature from night to day.

The wines produced, due to the favorable weather conditions, have developed rich aromas and have acquired a relatively high alcoholic strength.

The average price of grapes during the current wine-growing season is expected to rise to 0.60 euros per kilo against 0.55 euros which was the average price of the previous season (2021).