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Mitsotakis on crime, safety, and police brutality

Featured Mitsotakis on crime, safety, and police brutality

Kyriakos Mitsotakis sent a message that no abuse of an instrument of order at the expense of a citizen will be tolerated on the occasion of the case of the rape of a 19-year-old woman by police officers inside the Omonia police station.

The PM, speaking at an event of the Ministry of Citizen Protection on security and the reduction of crime, at the former Hellenic Police Officers' School, emphasized that "any such incident will be punished with all severity", noting that in the recent case of rape at the Omonia police station "there will be speedy judicial investigation".

At the same time, Mr. Mitsotakis called on the police "to be alert" and not allow the besmirching of hundreds of successful operations by singular incidents, adding that the police is an institution that serves democracy and is a pillar of stability.

The safety of all of us remains our first priority, noted the prime minister, emphasizing that safety is a necessary condition for the unhindered exercise of every individual and social right.

The prime minister referred to the new challenges facing a modern security force, such as - as he said - the evolution of criminality, the use of technology, new hybrid threats, the undermining of democracy by extreme rhetoric. At the same time, he pointed out the three new missions shouldered by EL.AS, in the last three years: The observance of health measures during the pandemic, the important contribution to the management of natural disasters, such as the evacuation of residents in the event of fires, but also the cooperation with the Armed Forces Forces to prevent migration and refugee flows.

In this context, Mr. Mitsotakis described the role of the police as "irreplaceable" and referring to the events of Evros in March 2020, he spoke of effective border guarding.

The prime minister also referred to the incidents of violence against minors, women, sexual and other forms of abuse and emphasized that it is a sign of the maturity of society that today they do not go unnoticed and cause great anger and place great pressure on the state mechanisms to deal with them, at the same time talking about interaction the police and society.

We must handle such incidents with efficiency and sensitivity, Mr. Mitsotakis underlined, noting that all those who must be held accountable to justice.

The prime minister referred to the State's support for the work of the police and emphasized that the citizens' sense of security has been boosted, there is, as he mentioned, a significant reduction in small and medium-sized crime, while terrorism has practically been eradicated.

The PM noted successes in relegating off-limits areas, like Exarchia, back to citizens, and eradicated criminality in university dormitories. The PM rejected the opposition's criticism of authoritarianism, state violence and repression.

The prime minister also listed other actions such as the Evros border fence, the law to limit demonstrations and gatherings saying that a long-standing pending situation was resolved, he referred to the support with logistical infrastructure and within the EL.AS (new vehicles, bulletproof vests, new uniforms etc), but also the care for new invisible - as he characterized them - forms of violence, such as domestic violence, the protection of minors, and animal abuse.