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Greek PM Mitsotakis' message on the elections: "From April onwards"

Featured Greek PM Mitsotakis' message on the elections: "From April onwards"

The time of the elections was revealed by Kyriakos Mitsotakis at the meeting at his office in the Maximos Mansion.

As stated by government sources, "the prime minister is consistent in his commitment to elections at the end of 4 years. He will determine himself what is the appropriate date from April onwards."

At the meeting led by the Prime Minister, as is done at the beginning of each year, the planning for the next period was discussed:

– The planning of the legislative work and the bills processed by the ministries

– The report and presentation of government work by sector so that all this work that has been produced is not lost in the confrontation of the pre-election period

– Basic principles of the program for the next 4 years with an emphasis on salary increases, as described by the Prime Minister in his New Year's message

– The promotion of regional development programs, with the projects that have been carried out and those that have been planned

– The preparation of the tour program of the Prime Minister, ministers and party officials

What will propel developments?

At the moment, two seem to be the "keys" to developments.

Firstly, Easter, and specifically whether the Prime Minister intends – as most people ask him – to place the holiday break between the two electoral contests or whether he will finally call for elections without haste after the Easter holidays.

Secondly, the parameter of the presidential elections in Turkey and, in particular, whether the scenarios emerging from the opposite side of the Aegean to speed up the process in May are confirmed, or whether the Turkish polls will be held normally on June 18.

Concerns have also been expressed in the PM's office about possible risks if the Greek post-election reality, i.e. the period of a caretaker government, coincides with the peak of the pre-election period in Turkey. Hence the scenarios that want Erdoğan to consider alternative dates keeping alive the predictions for the possibility of (almost) parallel polls in Greece and Turkey.