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Zakynthos: Famous Navagio beach is officially closed to all

Featured Zakynthos: Famous Navagio beach is officially closed to all

The thousands of tourists who visit the area will be able to admire the unique beauty of Navagio, in Zakynthos, only from a distance and on the ships that transport them, as stated in a decision by the port master of Zakynthos, which was published in the Official Gazette. The exact limits of safe approach to the Shipwreck Bay were determined with a view to the protection of human life and the preservation of order/safety and by extension the general public interest during the tourist season.

Furthermore, the decision of the port master of Zakynthos states that "it is prohibited inside the imaginary line which joins the two (02) ends (north and south) of the "Navagio" bay of Zakynthos according to the relevant sub-sections (d) and (e) of the anchoring of any floating vessel motorized or non-motorized means, as well as swimming in the sea" while it is also pointed out that "their entry within the limits of the safe sea zone in the bay "Navagio" will be carried out from the northern end of the "Navagio" bay of Zakynthos to the southern end for to exit this and their maximum approach time within the designated safe sea zone from the entrance, will be from 08:00 to 15:30 at noon.