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Fires: Black smoke covered the Acropolis – Smell of burning throughout Athens

Featured Fires: Black smoke covered the Acropolis – Smell of burning throughout Athens

The sky of Athens has been covered by smoke from the fire burning at the foot of Mount Parnitha, in Phyli.

The smell of burnt wood managed to reach as far as Faliro, as it has spread throughout the city, while with the first light of day it became visible that the veil of smoke had covered the sky.

The titanic firefighting battle will continue today on the fronts of Mount Parnitha, while the fiery nightmare continues for the 5th consecutive day in Alexandroupolis, Rodopi and Kavala. Traffic regulations apply in Fyli.

The video released on social media by the AFP's chief photographer in Athens, Ari Messini, is chilling. The video shows the eerie image of the Acropolis surrounded by black smoke and the fire in the background burning Mount Parnitha as night falls.

What citizens should do to protect themselves from smoke inhalation

The assistant professor of the Athens University-EKPA School of Medicine Gikas Majorkinis gave valuable advice on how to protect citizens from the smoke present in the atmosphere due to the fires raging in the country.

Gikas Majorkinis emphasized to MEGA channel that people with respiratory problems are the most vulnerable to the explosive atmosphere that prevails due to the fires.

"Generally it is difficult in such atmospheric conditions to protect people. People with chronic health conditions such as respiratory problems, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cardiovascular disease should be excluded. Logically, in such events, an increase in mortality in the basin from such diseases is expected," he said.

The assistant professor of the EKPA School of Medicine advised citizens to stay indoors and close the windows.