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Greek Supreme Court intervenes for the disasters in the Thessalian plain

Featured Greek Supreme Court intervenes for the disasters in the Thessalian plain

Eleven targeted actions aimed at all relevant bodies that have anything to do with the construction of anti-flood works, the prevention and protection measures of citizens before the arrival of the Daniel storm that led to the untold destruction in the Thessalian plain, the Prosecutor of Supreme Court Georgia Adelini, who refers to a series of publications and posts, including in.gr, which highlighted complaints and failures.

After the incalculable disasters in the region, the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Georgia Adelini, by her order to four prosecutors of the district, sets a clear framework of investigations with the aim of assigning specific criminal responsibilities and not just being another investigation that will remain forgotten in some drawer. In this light, the supreme prosecutor asks the local prosecutors to check in depth specific projects, which were carried out after storm Ianos, but were overtaken by the water in the recent disaster and for others that should have been carried out but remained on paper or have not still completed.

She also requested an in-depth investigation into funds of millions that were allocated after Ianos, mainly to the municipal authorities of Karditsa, to other municipalities and in the Region of Thessaly, but instead of being used for anti-flood projects, were channeled elsewhere.

The prosecutorial intervention is targeted, which gives them additional and essential value, while the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court places from the beginning the regional governor of Thessaly, the deputy regional governors in prefectures of the region and the municipal authorities of Karditsa and Volos among those responsible.