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Mitsotakis: Our thoughts are on Volos and Evia

Featured Mitsotakis: Our thoughts are on Volos and Evia

The speech of the prime minister and president of the ND, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, at the meeting of the New Democracy Parliamentary Group has been completed.

The key points of the Prime Minister's speech

  • To congratulate you on your election. New starting point for activation and work. Two negative circumstances are the disasters caused by climate change and the siege of households by inflation.
  • Our thoughts in Volos and N. Evia which have been hit by bad weather. we will again stand by those affected. We will help them again and rebuild our infrastructure in a better way.
  • Within 3 months our commitments become reality. Residents abroad who are registered in the electoral rolls can vote without any obstacles. Salaries in the public sector, pensions have increased and the 4th increase in the minimum wage is coming. Employees will be able to have a second job with full respect for their rights, but also pensioners, if they want, can work without their pension being cut.
  • With the first bill we implemented half of our pre-election commitments.
  • We are always ready to face any problems such as the biggest fire and bad weather.
  • As with covid, we will turn every difficulty into an opportunity to become better
  • In the big picture we need to include the investment grade, unemployment reduction and growth rates
  • Now the country can stay upright in any difficulties we are more ready than ever to answer the mistakes of the past
  • New Democracy is the faction that guarantees the safe course of the country
  • Impeding inflation with steady increases and targeted moves for the most vulnerable
  • With reforms that will improve the reality and everyday life of all Greeks
  • Inflation will eventually wane. Then wage increases and permanent tax cuts came to stay and increase disposable income over time.
  • Investments are still coming into the country
  • Our goal of achieving an average salary of 1,500 euros at the end of the four years is achievable and we will achieve it
  • But appreciate the importance of the new economic reality and think where we would be today if we had to manage these natural disasters with the finances of 2019.
  • We have secured through renegotiation 600 million from the Recovery Fund.
  • We will not be led to irresponsible excuses
  • Today will not undermine tomorrow
  • Each supply will be metered
  • From now on the government will be automatically targeted. This is the cost of political sovereignty, which we must bear
    We are facing not the internal party rivals who are still looking for momentum, but the reality
    The front of our 2nd term will be the front of multi-power transformation
    If in the first 4 years we managed to relieve society, now we must fight the sources of the problems.
    We changed the way of placing administrations in the State. I want him to know a young child who has studied, to know that he will be able to be judged on merit and be able to become a public administrator without having a political acquaintance
    Practical solutions for chronic problems faced by Health
    Tackling the scourge of strokes. We are among the last in Europe to deal with such incidents