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Greek minister in Thessaly to specify support measures for farmers

Featured Greek minister in Thessaly to specify support measures for farmers

The Minister of Rural Development Lefteris Avgenakis will be in Thessaly again from Tuesday, in whose presence sectoral meetings will be held per product, so that together with the producers who have been affected, the next measures to support producers and restore agricultural production in the region can be specified.

For the municipal elections

Speaking to OPEN channel, the minister described the results of Sunday's local government elections as excellent for the New Democracy party, as seven regional governors it supported were elected from the first round.

The minister characterized as important the fact that many young people chose to get involved in politics, but he did not hide his reflection and concern about the high rate of abstention and urged citizens to participate in the process pointing out that "participation means democracy".

In response to a question about the result of Thessaly, the Minister pointed out that until yesterday some people argued that Kostas Agorastos would not collect the percentage he collected. He noted that a percentage of citizens after what happened in Thessaly did not even go to vote and expressed optimism that next Sunday, Kostas Agorastos, will be the winner of the elections.

As concerns the mayor of Volos

As for the mayor of Volos' statements, he characterized them as tragic, and noted that Mr. Beos' ruffian character is known. He underscored that New Democracy had not given him support, as well as that he himself, as Deputy Minister of Sports, had not been able to cooperate with him, due to his character. He pointed out, however, that the citizens of Volos have a different opinion, as they see a man who works from morning to night and reward him. And he added that no one disputes the citizens' verdict.