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Maria Callas Museum, first in the world, opens in Athens

Featured Maria Callas Museum, first in the world, opens in Athens

The first Maria Callas Museum in the world will open its doors to the public on Thursday in central Athens, on the centennial year of her birth, the Technopolis City of Athens organization responsible for cultural events in the capital announced on Wednesday.

Its location is at 44 Mitropoleos street, and the exhibition is based on an experiental model, encouraging visitors to discover different facets of the legendary soprano's career and personal life. 

The beginning of the collection dates to 2000, under then-mayor Dimitris Avramopoulos, when the city took part in an international auction of Callas memorabilia in Paris. In following years, the collection was enriched by donations from several agencies and individuals such as the Maria Callas Greek Society and Constantine and Victoria Pylarinos, as well as by long-term loans. Currently it includes nearly 1,000 items. 

Built in the interim periods between the two World Wars, the Museum's four-story building housed the 20-room hotel Royal until the '60s. It was declared a historic building and was bought by the municipality in 2010 to house city services, until the municipality decided to house the museum.

Outgoing mayor Kostas Bakoyannis thanked those who contributed to the project and said, "Athens had an outstanding debt of honor to the legendary Greek soprano. The Maria Callas Museum, the first such museum in the world, makes us all very proud."

Between Thursday and Saturday, the Museum will be free to the public with online reservations through https://www.more.com. It is wheelchair accessible.