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How the climate crisis can favor Greek tourism

Featured How the climate crisis can favor Greek tourism

The new record in Greek tourism revenues at the level of 20 billion euros, perhaps a little more, is considered a given by leading Greek tourism players.

Speaking at an event of the "Circle of Ideas" on the topic "GREECE AFTER VII: Asymmetries and national agenda" both the honorary president of the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE) Andreas Andreadis and the former president of the Association Giannis Retsos estimated that the income for the 2023 Greek tourism will reach or exceed 20 billion. euro.

The climate crisis

At the same time, from the discussion in which the General Secretary of SETE, Mr. Giorgos Vernikos, also participated, the interesting opinion emerged that climate change is for Greek tourism a challenge and an opportunity rather than a threat.

As Mr. Andreadis explained, if our country and the Greek tourism industry adapts to the new situation, it can achieve a significant extension of the tourist season, as all studies show that more and more tourists will avoid the most formal summer months (July and August). . We will talk about a season that can be extended to eight months because all the countries will adapt to the new situation.

The "Climate Change Charge"

However, as emphasized, Greece should use the money from the "climate change charge" to support the tourist areas.

"We expect from the government and the prime minister a large part of the 300 million euros that will be collected to be given to tourism, because tourism brings these proceeds," stressed Mr. Andreadis.

The challenges

For his part, Mr. Retsos also focused on the problems created by the climate crisis and the difficulties that the Greek tourism industry has to face them, because as he said it consists of many thousands of small and medium-sized businesses that are difficult to proceed with options that can to be made by a large group (investments in RES, etc.).

However, he agreed that it is a challenge for everyone and asked for greater support from the state and local government.

Mr. Retsos added that our country also has to face some special problems such as an increased tax on airlines which will make air travel more expensive for a destination like Greece which is further away from target markets and also tourists come almost exclusively by plane.

Finally, Mr. Vernikos referred to the economic importance that tourism has for our country as it connects with over 50,000 businesses of all kinds.