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Mitsotakis in meeting with farmers: We are here to find solutions

Featured Mitsotakis in meeting with farmers: We are here to find solutions

"I want to emphasise from the outset that we are here to find solutions and that we also approach this meeting in an atmosphere of good will," Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Tuesday in his initial statement, during a meeting at the Maximos Mansion with representatives of the panhellenic committee of protesting farmers.

The prime minister welcomed the representatives and emphasised that his intention is to first listen to all of them and then to present to them some proposals which the government has worked on.

"I believe that we can arrive at a common ground, which takes into account your own justified concerns but also takes into account the fact that the country's fiscal margins are given and limited. And, of course, if you also see things from our side you will realise something that I believe you already know because you are a part of society - that many sectors, many social groups always have demands and expectations of the government, while every decision of the government must look at the whole and also take into account the aspect of social justice," the prime minister said in his introductory remarks.

The prime minister said that he would listen to every one that wished to speak and that there was as much time as was needed to discuss the issues at length, though asking them to exercise restraint "so that we can then answer to the things you tell us."

Speaking on behalf of the committee, Rizos Maroudas said that the prime minister had himself acknowledged that the farmers were right: "There are many problems in the farming sector that need to be tackled and we want real solutions so that we can keep on and stay in our villages - which is the goal as the countryside has been deserted and everyone is well aware of this. There are several young people at the blockades that are fighting this battle to stay in the profession and the village - and at the same time so we can continue to cultivate and produce, so there is good quality and inexpensive food, such as our country can produce, so there is sufficiency of food for our people."

He noted, however, that the farmers' problems with the cost of farming and prices was one that prevented this and this was apparent in the constantly dwindling farming population.

"Therefore, today...we are here to find solutions. We expect the government to make announcements. We believe this is possible, this is what we consider...The fiscal capability exists, if there is a will, to find solutions in this direction," he concluded.