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Minor migrant trafficker caught in downtown Athens hauling 12 in passenger car

Featured Minor migrant trafficker caught in downtown Athens hauling 12 in passenger car

A pursuit of a human smuggler, who transported 12 migrants piled into a car, in the center of Athens, took place on Tuesday (13/2).

According to an announcement by Hellenic Police-EL.AS. the immigrants, had been pushed on the same day from the border with North Macedonia. The 17-year-old driver was arrested by the DIAS team.

The chronicle of the pursuit

Specifically, on Tuesday morning, patrolling police officers of the Immediate Action, DIAS Team, called a driver of a car moving on Stratigou Kallari Street in the center of Athens to be checked, as they considered the presence of several people inside it to be suspicious.

According to EL.AS, the driver did not comply with the instructions of the policemen, he accelerated, making a maneuver towards Acharnon Street, with the policemen following the car in front from a sufficient safety distance, constantly calling the driver to stop, using their vehicle's beacon and siren signals 

Then, after they managed to stop the vehicle on Acharnon Street, during the check it was found that the driver was carrying a pile of 12 foreigners, 8 women and 4 men. It should be noted that three of them were found in the luggage area.

Subsequently, they were taken to the headquarters of the Directorate of Aliens of Attica and the Immigration Management Department was charged with a preliminary investigation.

A case file was filed against the driver, a member of a migrant trafficking ring, for facilitating entry into Greek territory for profit, transporting foreigners to the interior and trespassing. In addition, his co-accused was identified and is wanted.