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Dendias attends NATO's 'Trojan Footprint' exercise

Featured Dendias attends NATO's 'Trojan Footprint' exercise

National Defence Minister Nikos Dendias and the head of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (HNDGS) General Dimitrios Houpis on Monday attended the Media Day of the NATO exercise "Trojan Footprint" in Lefkadi, Evia.

In a post on X, Dendias stated that the exercise was carried out "with the participation of personnel and means of the Special Warfare Command of HNDGS."

"We had the opportunity to see the high level of professionalism of the Armed Forces personnel not only of our country, but also of our allies," he pointed out.

"Our cooperation is of a strategic nature and mutually beneficial for the security, stability and prosperity of our countries," Dendias concluded in his post.

Military personnel from Albania, Bulgaria, France, the Republic of North Macedonia, United Kingdom, USA, Italy and Montenegro also participated in the exercise.