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Mitsotakis: Let's break the silence on bullying

Featured Mitsotakis: Let's break the silence on bullying

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Minister of Education Kyriakos Pierrakakis will unveil the new platform, stop-bullying.gov.gr, for reporting incidents of school violence, at the 3rd Polichni High School in Thessaloniki, .

For his part, the Minister of Education Kyriakos Pierrakakis presented the online platform stop-bullying.gov.gr in which the named complaints of incidents of school violence will be made by students, parents and guardians.

The 5-day suspension and permanent suspension are back
Among the interventions carried out by the Ministry of Education to deal with the growing phenomenon is management at two levels. In the first instance, the school will be involved and if the incident is assessed as very serious, then it will be managed by the education directorate: a four-member committee which will consist of a psychologist, a social worker and two teachers.

The subject of absences is digitized
The e-parents application will be made available to parents where they will be able to see the student's progress, absences, etc. in immediate digital information. through the data registered in myschool
It will be prohibited to write off absences at the end of the year with express exceptions such as medical reasons. The measure will be implemented from September
The 114 absences will not be unexcused. Parents can justify up to 2 days, for more a medical opinion is required
There will be the possibility of returning the 5-day suspension.
The teachers' association will be able to proceed more easily with a change of department and the bureaucracy for changing the school environment will be reduced
If someone commits damage, willful vandalism. Its cost will be borne by the perpetrator's family.

What will apply to mobile phones?
Especially regarding the use of mobile phones in schools, Mr. Pierrakakis noted that their use goes together with the most serious incidents of bullying.  That is why consequences are defined such that the club can impose a 5-day suspension for documenting an incident of school violence. If there is a leak of personal data about private moments of children on the internet then there will be an instant change in the school environment.

The main points of Mitsotakis' speech
The online platform will enable us to know the incident and be able to intervene with the tools at our disposal and anonymity will also be ensured.
Protocols are nothing more than what experts say what we can do to manage incidents in the best way.
I call on you to break the silence and this does not only concern the victims but also the observers. It's not magic to bash the other person or to vilify him for the choices he makes. If the abuser feels cut off this is the first step. If we find a way to isolate these behaviors and say that there are rules and boundaries that when crossed there are consequences.
There are also limits which when crossed there should be consequences.