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"Iniochos 2024": 36 fighter jets from nine countries in the largest joint air exercise

Featured "Iniochos 2024": 36 fighter jets from nine countries in the largest joint air exercise

From the above numbers alone, it can be concluded that the take-offs from the 117th Fighter Wing at Andravida, from April 8th and for 10 days, will exceed 100.

A total of 36 fighter aircraft from nine countries and over 70 Greek aircraft, "answer" the question, why the "Iniochos" exercise is perhaps the largest air training exercise in Europe. And this size shows an additional element, that foreign missions seek their participation in almost all exercise scenarios, which gives them the opportunity to meet in the air with the "Greek aviation elite".

In the 2024 "Inioho" all the modern fighters of the 4th and 4.5 generations meet, creating the interoperable grid that the designers of the scenarios always seek.

In the "locked" sections of the FIR, the twin-engined Rafales of France and Qatar, the Spanish F-18s, the Saudi and British Eurofighter Typhoons will meet. Greek, American and, for the first time, Romanian F-16s will also operate there.

In addition, since "Iniochos" has evolved into a multi-branch exercise, Austria and Portugal will participate in the exercise with Intelligence and Special Forces personnel, while Germany will send a team of observers.

Monday 08/04 was one of the days when the execution of the scenarios that have already been agreed upon by the participating countries actually begun. The so-called "family" or familiarization flights had begun with the arrival of the missions, where the aviators from the allied countries had the opportunity to experience the "terrain masking" in the dream environment offered by the canyon Vouraikou. The low-altitude crossing into the canyon is an exercise that one could describe as "flying under the radar" with the help of cover provided by the massif.