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Mitsotakis: 'Global community should officially recognize Genocide of Pontian Greeks'

Featured Mitsotakis: 'Global community should officially recognize Genocide of Pontian Greeks'

The international community should officially recognize the Genocide of the Pontian Greeks, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Sunday (May 19), Remembrance Day of the Pontian Genocide.

Mitsotakis said in a Facebook post that every year "we bow our heads in memory of the thousands of the Greeks of Pontus who were exterminated, tortured, and uprooted from their ancestral hearths. At the same time, we honor the contributions of this indomitable segment of the nation in the economic and social rebuilding of our homeland. Their rich cultural heritage was, is, and will be an integral part of Greek identity everywhere in the world."

In his message, the PM noted that "some traumas may never heal, but the common debt that remains unchanged is to keep historical memory alive. Awareness should constantly fight against artificial oblivion, with our voice protesting loudly throughout time as it demands recognition. Until the international community recognizes the Genocide of Pontian Greeks officially as well."

May 19 comprises "a thunderous call of accountability. Peoples must stop being captives of the past. Building their own present, guidede by peace and justice, and transforming history's lessons into an impetus toward a better future. That is why we do not rest. We continue the struggle. Nor do we forget, but we persist in our demands," the Greek premier underlined.