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Supreme Court prosecutor orders investigation into so-called 'Mykonos Mafia'

Featured Supreme Court prosecutor orders investigation into so-called 'Mykonos Mafia'

Supreme Court Chief Prosecutor Georgia Adilini on Wednesday ordered the Athens appellate court deputy prosecutor to launch an investigation into the so-called "Mykonos Mafia", as this was dubbed by the media. She made the request due to the deputy prosecutor's capacity as supervisor of the Organised Crime unit at the Attica Police Security Directorate and chair of the Analysis and Investigation Coordination Council at the citizen protection ministry.

Her order was linked to the recent murder of a topographer in the Athens district of Psychiko, "which highlighted the urgent need to deal with the serious criminality, described by the press as the 'Mykonos Mafia', on the island with the activation and use of the mechanisms appropriate for this, which the state has at its disposal."

She attached media reports and a complaint filed by a Mykonos resident via the unit for electronic crime, saying they indicated the need to investigate whether serious crimes that are the actions of an organised criminal organisation, alongside other related acts, have been committed.

Adilini also noted that these activities do not appear to be restricted to Mykonos but extend to other Cyclades islands and even to Athens and Thessaloniki.

She concluded by asking that the Supreme Court deputy prosecutor be kept informed of the progress of the investigation.