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Athens International Animation Festival

The oscar winning short “Mr Hublot,” as well as 22 Japanese animation works based on the poems of C.P. Cavafy will be screened at Athens International Animation Festival that will take place in Athens from 13 to 19 of March.


For the ninth consecutive year the festival will offer animation buffs a panorama of animation films from around the globe, from the UK to Mongolia, and from Serbia to Chile.

The interest in the competitive section is focused on the oscar winning “Mr Hublot” the warm story of a lonely homonculus suffering from obsessive compulsive syndrome (OCD) who finds meaning after adopting a “puppy” all in cyberpunk style.

At the same time, two feature animation films (with Greek subtitles) will be screened, the Baazilian Uma “História de Amor e Fúria” (A story of love and fury) by Luiz Bolognesi, and Kuiba 2, from China, by Wang Chuan.

What is most interesting is a Japanese project inspired by the poetry of C.P. Cavafy on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of his birth(1863-1933) and realized through efforts by students from the ART/European Animation Center and the Musashino Art University, Tokyo.

The project entitled C.P. CAVAFY IN TOKYO including the results of the workshop that took place at Musashino Art University on previous school year. The project is under the Auspices of the Embassy of Japan in Greece.
Twenty-one students and professor Mr Sato Dino worked on C. P. Cavafy’s poetry, creating 21 short animated movies.

The exhibition includes sketches, poems and the short animated movies. Cavafy's works were translated into Japanese by Japanese poet Misuzu Sobo. The project was about how Japanese students today could perceive Cavafy's poetry, written a century ago, and how Greek audiences could perceive the animation created by the Japanese students, Mer Sato was quoted as saying.