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Boukouras exits Golden Dawn

The saga of Golden Dawn is showing signs of unraveling as the neo-Nazi party has already lost two of its deputies; one to resignation, the other stricken off.

Chrysovalantis Alexopoulos has resigned from the party, while Stathis Boukouras was stricken off party lists, while at the same time six of its deputies, among them party leader Mihaloliakos, are lingering in prison.

The situation has led to denunciations and slurs from all sides giving the impression that the party is deteriorating rapidly. Indicative of the climate is what the parliamentary ethics committee faced when they went to Korydallos prison to question Golden Dawn inmates, with Nikos Mihaloliakos hurling provocations in an obviously bad psychological state, while at the same time, also incarcerated, Stathis Boukouras denouncing his erstwhile party.

According to information available to theTOC.gr, Nikos Mihaloliakos provoked the committee members saying “welcome to prison, I can't preclude that you'll be back again soon.” He did, however, appear shaken and devoid of his erstwhile harshness.

Christos Pappas, Mihaloliakos' second in command, kept up the tough exterior and called the committee a “traveling show,” and left without answering any questions.

Yannis Lagos, obviously sarcastic, told the committee when asked about shotgun shells found in his house: “I have theme there to look and at and be proud of, and if I get out, to kill five or six people.”

Meanwhile, the lifting of parliamentary immunity for Dimitris Koukoutsis and the other Golden dawn members came after a decision of the committee with 7 votes in favor.

At the same time, Stathis Boukouras is following a different line of defense as he was never a party member, but only a member of the party's parliamentary group, as he notes in a statement today. He is highlighting the fact that he is a former PASOK member and had run under the party's auspices for the municipality of Peristeri.