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Kanelli calls for KKE leadership renewal

KKE deputy Liana Kanelli spoke about a "necessary" renewal of the leadership of the Communist Party on public television, while challenging the controversial position of the party on layoffs at party newspaper Rizospastis.

Although the KKE is attempting to keep down tones of redundancies at Rizospastis, the KKE MP criticised party leaders , saying that "fair dismissals do not exist anywhere.

Liana Kanelli publicly quashed the argument of the Communist Party, according to which "Rizospastis and TV/radio 902 are not capitalist enterprises." She added, however, that "Rizospastis dismissals are different from the others, because the Communist Party is not the Vatican of the bourgeois capitalist system and Aleka [Papariga] is not the Pope."

She admitted, however, that " like so many millions of unemployed people, those from Rizospastis made are also in trouble."

Ms Kanelli also talked about the need to renew the leadership of the Communist Party, leaving open the suggestion that these changes must be widespread. "The party itself requires renewed leadership. But changes are not personnel issues," she said characteristically.

"What has changed with the new secretary?" Ms Kanelli had been asked on a previous television appearance, when the last congress elected Dimitris Koutsoubas to replace Aleka Papariga .
A change of “shift” was her answer , which she immediately corrected, saying: " The Communist Party is a ship, every secretary is not the flying Dutchman,it's a ship not a ghost, but real and even weatherproof " continued Ms Kanelli.

And referring to Aleka Papariga she said that she hates "obituaries " that she reads "by those who for years dipped their pens in bile and wrote against Papariga and now say that they will miss her."

Despite the fact that Liana Kanelli has the habit of being outspoken, she has been a stalwart cadre of the KKE and would not make such a statement if it was not premeditated .

Chances are that she believes that the new secretary of the KKE is losing appeal to younger audiences and young workers whom the former secretary Aleka Papariga used to lure with her political voice and charismatic personality.