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New Democracy & PASOK Protect Political Security

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Deputy Prime Minister and PASOK head Evangelos Venizelos conducted dialogue with Prime Minister Antonis Samaras today, in an effort to protect governmental security.

Despite differences in political ideology, the two parties are committed to protecting their parliamentary structure.

During the discussions, Samaras stated he will: "...not allow any criminal organization to set the political agenda...It is I would battled against Golden Dawn from the beginning and I will not allow a criminal organization to regulate the country's political life". Preceding the meeting, Venizelos claimed, "No one can undermine the country's stability".

These comments follow resigned Cabinet Secretary Panayiotis Baltakos' recorded activity with the extremist Golden Dawn party. PASOK's leader further added, "We obviously have difference with New Democracy...but we have cooperated to save the country...The progressive axis with the government must be boosted".