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KKE leade adresses voters

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) can provide a response to "the real, the substantive dilemma that is: submission or emancipation of our people from the policy of the European Union, of the monopolies," Secretary General Dimitris Koutsoumbas said on Thursday at Athens' Pedion tou Areos park during the party's main rally on the municipal and regional elections.

Koutsoumbas called for the unified and overall condemnation of the New Democracy-PASOK government and of the main opposition Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA).

"The parties that bow to the EU, conceal the fact that the NSRF funds which are directed to the regions and the municipalities are financing actions that promote the strategy of the EU; they are concealing the fact that the largest part of these funds returns directly to the monopolistic groups of the powerful capitalist countries of the EU," Koutsoumbas said.

The KKE leader further said that "the main opposition SYRIZA is also not telling the truth when it claims that the problem is the time and the amount of loaning, hiding all the rest. It is deceiving shamelessly when it claims that its own government will secure an exit to markets with 'social justice', as if the markets are humanitarian funds".

Lastly, Koutsoumbas said that no change of European Commission president can change the reactionary and antipopular character of the EU, because he said it was founded to shield the interests of the monopolies against labour and working class rights.