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Development & Finance Minister Confirms Greek Growth

Today, Development and Competitiveness Minister Costis Hatzidakis confirmed that Greece is experiencing a clear investment climate change.

His comments occurred during a joint press conference with the Centre of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE) director Nikos Filippas and Deputy Development Minister Notis Mitarachi.

As reported by ANA-MPA, Hatzidakis stated after presenting KEPE's analysis: "We don't exult but through KEPE's data we are seeing distinctive progress which should be maintained and intensified; the election results this coming Sunday will be a crucial element".

The Minister added, "Let's not fool ourselves...All positive developments are based on the citizens' sacrifices and the government's effort. We have reached the turning point before we take off. This is not the time to cast the Greeks' achievements into doubt with our vote. We should give a new momentum and secure what we have accomplished. 2014 is a positive year."

The KEPE analysis claimed that 37.6 billion euros have entered Greece over the last two years, in investments. Mitarachi described: "They are investments from well-known quarters, planned by international players who are either expanding their presence in the country or are starting now".

Hatzidakis further commented, "We are in the period of fruition; we are not an investment paradise, though...Fortunately the Greek people have a strong instinct for self-preservation." He described that, "...sacrifices are bearing fruit and we have launched a difficult effort to leave the Memorandum behind us and heal our wounds."

The 37.6-billion-euro investments that KEPE refers to encompass a 6.9-billion-euro investment at the old Athens Ellinko airport, 1.5 billion euros derived from the Trans Adriatic Pipeline, 1.3 billion euros originating from Fairfax in Eurobank, three leading fast-track programs amounting to 1.4 billion euros, 14 public-private-sector partnership efforts of 1.8 billion euros, 5.5 billion euros resulting from the reestablishment of highways projects, 3.1 billion euros in privatisations, and 900 million euros from new investments by international corporations.