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Cabinet Sworn In & Meets for First Time

The new members of the Greek cabinet arising after a sweeping government reshuffle were sworn in at the presidential mansion on Tuesday, in the presence of President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias and Prime Minister Antonis Samaras. Conducting the swearing-in ceremony was Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Ieronymos.


After the ceremony, the cabinet ministers along with the PM and the government VP took the traditional short walk to the Maximos Megaron, where the cabinet had its first meeting in front of the TV cameras transmitting the event live.

The PM began his address to the cabinet by paying tribute to his previous administration, syaing that the important work it achieved will be the basis of the work the new cabinet will be performing. He admitted there were failures in the government policies, but the aim was sincere and remains so: the end of the memorandums and recession.

He promised the government will lower the tax brackets without endangering the primary surplus. He pointed out that the current administration will be responsible for the renegotiation of the country's debt, which will reestablish the markets' trust. He didn't fail to reference the opposition (if not by name), restating that they (SYRIZA) bet on the country's destruction and lost. “We are leaving them behind in their misery, where they belong”, he added. Finally, he reiterated his belief that this cabinet will do the hard work until the end of the government's term in two years time.

Having finished, the PM passed the floor to his VP. Evangelos Venizelos, fresh out of the hospital where he was admitted after minor pain in his chest, focused on the country's foreign partners, saying they have to appreciate the fact that the Greek people, after many sacrifices are ready to turn the page. He, too, pointed out that the country is nearing the end of the memorandum era, which is difficult for the people to see when the auditors are visiting the capital every other week. Finally, he pointed out that this government is not just a two party coalition, but an administration of national need.