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Samaras Addresses New Cabinet

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In his first address to Greece's new ministerial cabinet, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras stated that the government would remain intact until the four-year term completes.

According to ANA-MPA, the Greek leader stated, "The new government team symbolizes a new day and a new phase in the great reform effort of recent years. A significant body of work was carried out very rapidly. The government's achievements are denied only by the petty-minded. What we achieved is the result of the sacrifices made by the Greek people and the determination shown by the ruling coalition but also the MPs that supported the government in very difficult decisions".

Samaras discussed his confidence in the nation, "Now we can plan the future. The previous government did an important job and this is reflected in all the people that served it. Things were not easy. Every minister offered much and gained much, every one who fought gave a political capital that will be used".

The Prime Minister added, "Deficits are a thing of the past. From here on we go only forward and this must be felt by more and more Greeks. This means that, even though the goal and direction remain the same, we must make changes and correct injustices".

Antonis Samaras' major point to the new Hellenic cabinet focused on his statement, "To all of you entering the government, I hope you will give impetus to the governmental efforts. You are taking over a difficult task that needs work and collective effort but we are near the end of the greatest crisis Greece has known for several decades now. We are going for a full four-year term. This needs seriousness, a lot of work and little talk, coordination that will be controlled by the premier's office and responsibility toward citizens. I need you battle-ready 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will make changes to public administration so that decisions get from the top to the bottom rapidly and people's problems are solved".