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Multiple Greek Sea Undocumented Immigrants' Arrests

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There have been recent multiple cases of undocumented immigrants located in the Greek seas, that have been arrested.

Today, a speedboat containing 16 migrants was found in the sea area of Oinousses, by Coast Guard patrols. The ship was halted and resulted in arrests; the migrants were brought to Chios island.

In a different event, 10 undocumented individuals were extricated by the Greek coast guard, after their skiff sank northeast of Lesvos, in the Turkish sea. However, an involved Turkish ship refused to gather the immigrants and departed. Three of them were later taken by two Turkish boats, while seven of them were transferred to Lesvos' Mytilene port.

In a seperate incident in the Akrotiri sea region, sixteen undocumented persons and a trafficker were arrested, while 11 more were seized in Symi's Aghios Georgios district.