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Venizelos Addresses PASOK Central Political Committee

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In today's PASOK Central Political Committee meeting, its leader Evangelos Venizelos discussed how Greece is exiting the financial crisis, entering a new period and altering creditor relationships, according to international reports.

After highlighting that the nation is striving to a: "final and safe exit from the crisis", he stated that its next goal is to change connections with creditors, according to ANA-MPA. Venizelos remarked that additional austerity measures and a memorandum will not occur.

The PASOK chief added that Greece requires its own recovery plan, but that it can't progress, "without consensus, without political stability, without maintaining surpluses at a level that allows redressing injustices, without peace in labour relations, without a new developmental model, common sense and realism".

Venizelos declared that PASOK's Parliamentary role needs to continue uninterrupted: "because our presence in the government is crucial for the country" (www.amna.gr).