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Maziotis arrested after firefight

Wanted fugitive terrorist Nikos Maziotis has been arrested after exchange of gunfire on Mitropoleos street in Monastiraki, downtown Athens, after an operation of the counter-terrorist squad.

According to police sources, there was an exchange of gunfire that resulted in the wounding of at least one police officer and the fugitive.

Maziotis was taken to Evangelismos hospital. According to information, not yet confirmed, Maziotis also let loose a grenade. There is also, unverified information that two bystanders, perhaps tourists, were also wounded during the firefight.

Nikos Maziotis had been allowed to leave jail after his pre-trial 18 month incarceration period had expired, along with life partner Paula Roupa. The couple was awaiting trial for their participation in the terrorist group  Popular Struggle, now known as Group of Popular Fighters. Since their flight, police believe him to be behind at least one IED explosion in downtown Athens, and a string of armed robberies.