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Branding Expert Diane Mantouvalos: "We Can Collaborate For The Betterment Of Greece" (VIDEO)

New Greek TV's featured Greek of the Week is Diane Mantouvalos, who serves as the creative director of the OneGreece.Org campaign, in addition to her many other endeavors.

The full on-air interview by NGTV President Yanna Darilis with Diane Mantouvalos, can be seen at the very bottom of this article. The Greek-American who hails from Boston, has been a public relations leader in the city and beyond for more than 15 years, and serves as the principle of Andonia Public Relations.

The branding and public relations expert has branded a wide range of genres that include political movements, neighborhoods, star chefs, and more. Mantouvalos has consulted and represented a plethora of leading regional, national, and global clients, such as HBO, Hellenic Investor Relations Institute, and BBC America, among others.

Mantouvalos who attended Boston Latin School and Boston University, is also an active women's rights advocate. The driven Greek-American co-created the female political blog hireheels.com, where she discusses issues pertinent to women and strives to rebrand feminism as sexy.

In the interview below, Diane Mantouvalos discusses her motivation behind the OneGreece campaign, its mission, her own Greek-American background, and more!

Yanna Darilis: Can you tell us about the OneGreece campaign?

Diane Mantouvalos: The OneGreece campaign which is sponsored by the Hellenic Initiative, is a fundraising and awareness campaign to motivate the diaspora. This is really an effort to say to people, listen, we are all out there and want to get involved somehow. This is just a platform to do that. It is a way to make a donation.

Yanna Darilis: So this is an effort to gain awareness?

Diane Mantouvalos: We are here to tell a news story. I was in Greece for three months and I heard both sides.  It was my way as a Greek-American to see for myself. We are at a point; I would almost call it a lull. We just want to dream and work like everyone else. Greeks love life. At the end of the day, we are all trying to get together and say maybe, if you feel the same as I do, maybe we can collaborate for the betterment of Greece.

Yanna Darilis: We all believe in Greece and we want to get involved...

Diane Mantouvalos: That's the idea and to go viral and that's contagious. We are all a little dissapointed on what has gone on. When I was there I heard that 'things will never change,' and that hurt me because they actually believed that. But if you believe that things will never change, they never will. It's not enough to say hope. You also need to see some actions and that people care.

Yanna Darilis: What does the Hellenic Initiative do exactly to help Greece?

Diane Mantouvalos: The Hellenic Initiative is rooted in three main tenants-crisis relief, entrepreneurship and lastly and more longer term, economic growth and development. This is the longer range future of Greece.

Yanna Darilis: Can you tell us about your Greek-American background growing up in Boston?

Diane Mantouvalos: My father was born in Greece in Monovasia and my mother was born in Boston, but her parents are both from the Mani area. I didn't really integrate into the Greek-American community when I was young or even in college. It was later in life when I took a trip with father and got reconnected with my roots.

To watch the OneGreece.Org campaign and watch NGTV President Yanna Darilis' interview with Diane Mantouvalos in full, scroll down to the very bottom of this page. To learn more about the campaign helping the homeland, visit: http://onegreece.org/.


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