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Greek of the Week Features Vicki Liviakis

New Greek TV's featured Greek of the Week is Emmy-Award winning journalist Vicki Liviakis.

Liviakis is a KRON 4 news anchor based in San Francisco and has always wanted a career in journalism. She describes, "My father was a TV repairman and his brother was a rocket scientist. My mother's family loved to perform - on Broadway and at The Met. Because I lacked the talent to sing - I used my voice to tell stories, to inform and sometimes even move people."

The Greek-American broadcaster grew up in Sacramento, California, while her family's origins are from Crete, Corinth and near Kalamata. The acclaimed news anchor explains how her ethnicity influences her daily life, "I never altered my given name - Vicki Liviakis. Like any ethic name it can create an opportunity to educate. I'm always happy to explain its roots from the island of Crete". Her favorite places in Greece are Santorini, Crete and Hydra. She views Greece as, "a special place to refresh your body, mind and soul."

Liviakis, a mother of one son, had an all-American childhood with a Greek twist. Her father coached Little League and served as the President of the Orthodox Church Community, while her mother was a PTA President and taught Sunday School. Of her tight-knit family she declares, "My Papou lived with us in his later years and he loved his krasi!"

The stunning news anchor graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and studied Social Science, Political Science and Journalism. Liviakis began her journalism career in radio, working as a news director and host. She then broke into television as a freelance reporter, host and anchor.

Liviakis' very successful career includes winning two Emmy Awards for Best Entertainment Program for The West and for Best On Camera Performance for a PBS title. She has been honored with a plethora of other awards, including six Associated Press Awards and Best Documentary and Best Mini Series Awards from the Radio-Television News Directors Association. The American Women in Radio and Television honored Liviakis for her Outstanding Contributions to Broadcasting.

The talented anchor and reporter has traveled around the globe reporting on a wide range of international events. Liviakis views herself as, "A journalist and witness to living history and a storyteller. I discovered long ago that fact is stranger than fiction, and truth is the most powerful tool in the telling of a compelling story." Vicki Liviakis offers her best piece of advice for anyone trying to fulfill their dream, "Do what you love, love what you do. The rest takes care of itself."

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