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SECLARM 2014 Features Nanobionic, Geneva

Greece's Nanobionic is the first Hellenic company to take part in the "Swiss European Congress of Longevity, Aesthetic and Regeneration Medicine" conference, being held May 29th through 31st.

The Geneva event offers workshops and advanced scientific programs in anti-aging medicine, and is the largest seminar of its kind in the entire world. It is led by leading international professors and doctors, who are experts in the field of anti-aging mechanisms.

In 2011, Nanobionic was created in Athens and offers attire with extremely advanced and innovative technology, that transforms the body's thermal energy into Far Infrared (FIR) energy.  This conversion results in a plethora of performance and health benefits that include: improved strength, speed, endurance and the reduction of cellulite appearance.

Nanobionic has been honored with ten awards for four different products, regarding high quality, design, functionality and innovation, including Greece's 2013 Stelios Award for "Young Entrepreneur of the Year". Its products are available in forty nations worldwide and have been determined as a game changer in the fashion world, by offering cutting- edge styles that include wellness and performance attributes.