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Disagreements lead to Increasing Deaths

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A recent study conducted by Danish researchers found that those who frequently fight with those close to them have an increased risk of the middle-aged death.

Arguments with partners, friends, and relatives have such an effect because they often place stress and pressure on the parties involved. The study, which was conducted at the University of Copenhagen, found that continual conflict could either double or triple a risk of mortality.

The stress caused by these disagreements often leads to heart disease and strokes, because high blood pressure and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease are physiological reactions of stress.

The risk for these premature deaths is especially high for men and for those who are unemployed.

"Men respond to stressors with increased levels of cortisol, which may increase their risk of adverse health outcomes," said the study.

Those who are unemployed often face more pressure from those around them, because a lack of a job can cause tension between them and their family.

Dr. Rikke Lund, who works at the University Copenhagen's Department of Public Health, urged those who were constantly involved in arguments to try and stop these disagreements, in order to preserve their own health.