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59th National Convention of AHEPA AUSTRALASIA

The 59th National Convention of AHEPA AUSTRALASIA will take place between 12-19 October at the Sea World Resort on the Gold Coast Queensland.

The convention will be chaired by the National President AHEPA AUSTRALASIA, Elias Doufas with the participation of representatives from all states of Australia and New Zealand.

National Conference delegates are to discuss various issues and attend several events, while sharing their views and ideas on important national, educational, charitable and cultural issues.

Greek Ambassador Haralambos Darafanos, High Commissioner of Cyprus to Australia Yannis Iakovou and the Honorary Consul General of Greece in Brisbane, Dimitrios Raptis, are also to attend the convention and speak at the conference.

Moreover, several resolutions on the most important national issues are to be discussed and adopted, at the convention, such as the FYROM name issue, the Cyprus issue, the genocide of the Pontian and Asia Minor Greeks, the Halki seminary, and the return and restitution of the Parthenon Marbles.