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The Washington Times Publishes AHI’s FYROM Letter to Editor

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The Washington Times published the American Hellenic Institute's letter penned to its editor titled: "Republic of Macedonia Eroding Good Relations".

A press release by the AHI concerning the act, can be read in full below.

The Washington Times Publishes AHI's Letter to the Editor on FYROM

WASHINGTON, DC — The Washington Times published the American Hellenic Institute's letter to editor, "Republic of Macedonia Eroding Good Relations," September 12, 2014. (AHI note: The title of AHI's Letter to the Editor submission was determined by the Editorial Board of the Washington Times and not at the suggestion of AHI). AHI Legislative Director Georgea Polizos wrote the letter in response to a September 1, 2014 op-ed column by Luke Coffey titled, "U.S. must help usher Macedonia into NATO over Greek objections."

Polizos addresses Coffey's inaccuracies by first setting the record straight on Alexander the Great's Hellenic heritage. She then corrects Coffey's false statement that the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) makes "no territorial pretensions toward any neighbors" by citing several examples of where FYROM's long-term policies, under the administration of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, have advanced extreme nationalism and provocation against Greece.

"These acts are a breach of the U.N.-brokered Interim Accord, erode efforts to build trust and good neighborly relations and do not embrace policies compatible with NATO or European Union standards," Polizos wrote.

Polizos' published letter is found here.
Polizos' original letter for submission is found below.

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