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Albanian fanatics attack Greek village

A Greek village in Albania suffered a spate of attacks as fanatical Albanian ultra-nationalists terrorised villagers, torched cars and smashed storefronts.


The match between Serbia and Albania in Belgrade for the European Cup 2016 qualifiers was the spark that let loose a fit of nationalistic hysteria and hate mongering aimed at surrounding countries and local minorities, sprinkled with liberal doses of irredentism and frontier revisionism.

The match that was stopped because an RC aerial vehicle flew over the pitch towing a banner of “greater Albania”, let loose a lot of pent up hatred in Albania.

Among other exhibits of ill-meant “patriotism” some Albanians in cars arrived at the Greek village of Dervitsani, near Argyrokastro (Gjirokastër). According to Greek-language media in the area, the assailants were from Lazarati village, and with a convoy invaded the peaceful village breaking and smashing things in their wake, shouting slogans such as “We will burn you Christians.”

Himara.gr notes that they also assaulted locals wounding them . Some of the villagers fired shots in the air, while someone rushed to the church and kept ringing the bells in alarm.