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Greek creates best app

The idea of a Greek computer programmer has reached the top ten list of the best applications of Apple. This application, named “Togethera”, launched by Sokrates Papafloratos who lives in London, UK was picked among new applications proposed by programmers from 116 different countries.


Sokrates Papafloratos spoke at Alpha TV channel and noted that his idea was generated by his own need to share photos and videos with his family easily, fast and without any hacking dangers.

In “Togethera” each user does not have a public profile nor access to search engines, through which anyone can take your photos and videos and you do not know how it will be used. It gives a permanent solution to the issues of privacy that Facebook users face, noted Papafloratos. If you wish to 'invite' someone to share your photos and videos you need to know his email address and his phone number.