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Qatari Sheikh best man at Greek wedding

The marriage of two young Greeks, Lina Kyropoulou and Zanis Halas, having Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani as best man, are expected to monopolize interest in Qatar, which for three days will live along Greek rhythms.


The story that connects the couple with the Sheikh deems straight out of Hollywood. According to newsonly.gr, two years ago the wealthy Arab first visited the Carpo store in London, which offers high quality dried nuts.

Lina and Zanis were working in the shop. Al Thani visited Carpo many times, met the couple and became friends with the owner, Kostas Kontopoulos.

The shop and the owner:

When some timeago the Sheikh learned that Lina Kyropoulou, daughter of the wife of Kostas Kontopoulos from her first marriage, would wed Zanis, he asked to be best man and proposed to hold their wedding in Qatar, inviting family and friends to the emirate.

Rendezvous in Doha for a fairytale wedding
The ceremony and the wedding reception will be held at the luxurious hotel “La Cigale” in Doha, next Friday.

The guests will begin to arrive on Wednesday morning and in the evening of the same day they will attend a cocktail party. The civil ceremony will be conducted by the Greek Consul in Qatar, in the presence of Greek ambassador Ioannis Metaxas. Al Thani will be best man, who will be accompanied by members of his family, and probably by his beautiful wife Sheikha Mozah.

A reception will follow in the impressive “Al Wajba” ballroom for 200 guests, 120 Greek families and friends, and about 80 Qatariss. The dress will be formal and the ladies will be wearing long gowns.

Lina has chosen a wedding dress by a Greek designer and, as her friends say, the wedding dress will have some elements from the East. The bride's hands will be painted with henna, a custom that brides there follow. As for the menu, it will be a mix of Greek and Arabic flavors.

The music will be played by a Greek dj, who will also attempt a medley of Greek, Arab and international hits. According to sources close to Al-Thani everything has been prepared to the last detail, so that the guests can have an unforgettable time.

Saturday is scheduled for a tour of the Doha Museum of Islamic Art. This is an outstanding architectural creation and a symbol of the region, built on an artificial island. The museum is home to more than 800 precious objects of Islamic art, from three continents. The program of the Greek guests include a short passage to the Mathaf, Museum of Modern Art, which houses works by major artists.

Sheikh Hamad, and until recently emir of Qatar, as last year he handed power to his son, Sheikh Tamim, has already made investments in Greece and is considered one of the most modern and active leaders of the Arab world.