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Greek-Australian Accountant Extorts Disabled Brother

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Greek-Australian Accountant James Fourikis has been instructed by the court to repay nearly $200,000 to his disabled brother Alexander.

Fourikis squandered his brother's funds by purchasing excessive international vacations and in the stockmarket. After the 2010 death of their father, Fourikis was assigned control of his sibling's endowment. Over the span of two years, Alexander's net revenue decreased from $210,000 to less than $60,000.

The defendant claimed that he mishandled the finances due to employment and other various economic challenges. Judge Graham Anderson's verdict stated that his acts were intentional in promoting, "his own personal interests while neglecting Alexander's," according to Neos Kosmos. Fourikis has to repay the revenue's entirety, along with all unaccounted earnings and lost interest rates.