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Scam Artists Hit Mobile Platform

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Returning an unidentifiable missed call could be more pricey than you think...

A new wave of one-ring scam artists are deceiving recipients into calling them back.  Their hope is for that returned call.  These calls can be as pricey as ringing a 900 number.  This method is thought to be one of the sneakiest and smartest ones out there and uses auto-dialers to trick victims nationwide. 

Recipients assume that these calls are coming from friends, family or work.  Shady numbers are often easy identifiable through a web search.  Generally they begin with 473, 284, 809, 876 and 268 area codes.  It's recommended to conduct a simple internet check before calling back any unknown numbers to avoid racking up unneccessary mobile costs.  These numbers appear to be US based but often originate from the Caribbean. Just don't pick up!

Victims should file a complaint with the Federeal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission if the dispute cannot be resolved with cellular phone providers.  As the Better Business Bureau of New York's Claire Rosenweig states: "You will get an operator who will put you on hold and it's an international call so you're getting charged by the minute for an international call" (source: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2014/03/17/seen-at-11-dont-fall-victim-to-the-one-ring-scam).